About Richard

Richard Shrader loves to learn, in fact that’s what he’s done all of his professional life. Starting as a journeyman woodworker for Sutherland Studios, he has soaked in decades worth of knowledge in his time as a craftsman.

Richard describes himself as a functional artist, working in whatever medium—from wood to steel to silver—to create something that’s not only beautiful, but practical and fulfills its purpose. He studied graphic design at the Atlanta College of Art in the 1980s, but quickly found out that a desk job wasn’t in his future.

Early in his career, Richard built custom designer furniture as part of his own business, treating each piece as a new challenge. That drive to figure out solutions and designs while meeting client’s needs and limitations is what keeps him coming back each day.

Custom furniture isn’t the only thing Richard has experience in; he’s also built sets for movies and trade shows.

While approaching new projects, whether they be multi-million dollar houses or small custom metalworks, Richard tackles things with—in his words—child’s eyes. This keeps his approach fresh and allows him to find innovative, and beautiful, ways to bring things to life.

The Chapel Hill native loves to teach and learn from others, often attending trade shows, professional development opportunities and industry workshops. Time and time again, Richard has gone out of his way to expand the tools in his toolbelt (literally and figuratively). During the housing bust, he began working more with metal to diversify, further adding to his expert abilities.

Richard says he’s always looking to go bigger and push himself forward. In business in Watkinsville since the late 90’s, he’s an established presence in Northeast Georgia. His craftsmanship is known far and wide, as are his abilities working with wood, metal and just about anything else that comes his way.

And each job is approached in a methodical, thoughtful way. As he puts it, “There’s so much satisfaction in doing something right.”

Richard Shrader

Photos of Richard and the Shop

Photo credit: Johnny Autry